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Sharing Mangrove Tour

Kilim Geoforest Park, Tourist Jetty Kampung Kilim, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
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4 Hour

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Daily Tour

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10 people




  1. 4 Hour Tour with sharing boat
  2. Maximum Person for Each Boat : 10 Person
  3. Price Includes: Tour Guide, Transport from/to hotel, Lunch Set (Chicken Fried Rice, Fruit Platter, Cordial Juice, Vege Soup)

Additional Information

  1. Confirmation will be received within 2 hours of booking subject to availability.
  2. Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
  3. Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking
  4. Child below 3 years old is FOC unless specified
  5. Age 13 years old and above considered as Adult
  6. For Promotion price, kindly Whatsapp us. We have Promo Price for Direct Booking through Whatsapp
  7. Snorkeling Set for rent – Optional (RM15/set)
  8. Monkey & Fish Food will be provided.
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  • Visit Bat Cave
  • Visit Fish Farm
  • Watch Eagle
  • Visit Crocodile Cave
  • Andaman Sea
  • Monkey Zone
  • Beach Stop (Swimming)


Bat Cave
Bat Cave

The Bat Caves (Gua Kelawar) is one the one of a kind cave situated close to the Kilim Jetty point and this place can be reached through watercraft. The Bat Cave is actually an exciting part of the Mangrove Tour Langkawi in Kilim Geoforest Park.

The majority of the bat population within Gua Kelawar includes the Malaysian Fruit Bats. But don’t you worry as these bats are sleeping and continue clinging to the cave ceiling. You can hear the squeaking sound and it’s the sound that these flying warm-blooded animals make. The bats utilize echolocation by means of catching with their ears the echoes that return once the sound waves they deliver bounce off the things found within their surroundings.

As you stroll along the 100-meter pontoon or footbridge which actually goes across the cave, you are requested to be silent; smoking would be destructive for them. The bigger caves with high roof are around 750 sq. meters. So high, you would see the bats like a specked fine art over the ceiling of the cave. There is additionally an intriguing area of the Gua Kelawar wherein you need to duck slightly due to the low section clearance which is approximately about 1 to 3 meters in height over the head.

Floating Fish Farm
Floating Fish Farm

Set your fee and explore the local floating fish farm in Langkawi Kilim Geoforest Park’s that works as modern fish-farming and proficiency system. There is a Fish Show performed by the staff of the Geoforest Private Fish Farm and Restaurant.

You likewise can hand feed the stingray named Ali, Abu and Ahmad,.3 Males in a similar net. Other fascinating fish that you can discover here is shooting archer that hop far out of the water to take away the piece of bread from your fingers.

Make sure to disclose beautiful high-vertical and interesting granite cliffs and limestone.

All these activities entail once in a lifetime experiences during your mangrove in Langkawi tour. Whether traveling solo, with family and friends, booking for a Langkawi mangrove tour with us will guarantee you with the best possible travel experience. We are here to assist you starting from booking up to the actual tour and we will guarantee not just your enjoyment during the entire tour but also your unrivalled safety, comfort and convenience.

These are factors that convince our clients, both new and existing ones to always come back and make their reservations with us.

Eagle Watching
Eagle Watching

Watch as white bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites’ feeding frenzy.

Andaman Sea
Andaman Sea

Snap a memorable photos in front of Geopark Iconic Signage. The boat will stop here for about 10 minutes.

Crocodile Cave
Crocodile Cave

It is the Crocodile Cave, also called the Gua Buaya. The passageway or the entrance resembles a completely developed crocodile starting with the nose up to the tail. There are likewise similar formations like the crocodile mouth and teeth when you passed the exit.

One of the famous caves of the Kilim Geoforest Park’s, The Crocodile Cave or Gua Buaya is a one of a kind cave by which the Kilim River seamlessly flows. This is only accessible during low tide and this connects the river system in order to get through. There are rumors that crocodiles used to stay inside this cave. These days, you can online discover and see limestone formation as well as bat settlements residing in in the Gua Buaya or Crocodile Cave.

Beach Stop (Swimming)
Beach Stop (Swimming)

Unwinding under the sun and delighted in the cool ocean breeze of the Andaman Sea will make you feel free. It will take you just about 15 minutes from the Dangli Island, to encounter the stunning ocean view and swim along the private island. About 99 of the islands in Langkawi Geopark Tour are untouched by developments and advancements and you will have the opportunity to experience one of them. Leave your worries behind as this island is private and unoccupied however open for all vacationers and adventurers.

This is perfect for individuals who are looking for quiet, private and relaxing destination. All things considered, this is proven to be a very good value for money and a brilliant experience with us for your once in a lifetime Langkawi Geopark Tour.


  • Hotel Transfer
  • Tour Guide
  • Lunch Set (Chicken Fried Rice, Fruit Platter, Cordial Juice, Vege Soup)
  • Life Jacket
  • Entrance Fees for Each Stop Location except Bat Cave. Please prepare RM2/adult & RM1/child for Bat Cave Entrance
  • Bat Cave Entrance Fees

Tour's Location

Kilim Geoforest Park, Tourist Jetty Kampung Kilim, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
from RM90.00

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